Opening hours:Noon to midnight, wednesday to sunday. From june 25th to september 14th 2019. Monday and Tuesday with reservation only. The observatory may close at 22h00 if weather conditions prevents observation at the telescope. Please verify at 418-854-2172 or

Science workshops for the primary and secondary school and a museum about astronomy with a telescope for celestial observations.
You're passionate about the stars and the Universe. You would like to discover its secrets and have fun doing it. This is what ASTER offers you! Scientific workshops at your school or a visit at our observatory where you can observe the starry sky with a big telescope.
ASTER is an organism that interprets science which offers scientific workshops at the schools all over Quebec, from pre-school to high school level. It is also a museum about astronomical discoveries through time here in the Lower St-Lawrence region. With our 16 inches telescope and solar scope, observes celestial objects like the planets, moon, stars and more.
Come and visit our new exhibit Head for the stars! All that is missing is you!

Aster is a registered non profit organization. Your donations qualify for tax relief (0889386-59). Your donation enables ASTER to remain a leader in the educational field. With your help the organization stimulates new ideas, develops new workshops and spreads its scientific and technological knowledge throughout Canada. Your support helps to increase primary and secondary school students' awareness of our society's future needs. Thank you for supporting us with a donation using one of the three following ways:

ASTER Fund – Education and Sustainable Development

The ASTER Fund – Education and Sustainable Development, was the first environmental fund, registered at the Fondation Communautaire du Grand Québec. Click here



canadonCanaDon is a registered charity which simplifies the distribution of donations to charitable Canadian organizations. Payment is simplified by the possibility of online payment.
Go directly to ASTER's form or look for « La corporation de l'observatoire du Témiscouata Inc » in the search bar.

Make a donation by mail and become a friend of ASTER.

Special for businessesgarcon
Supporting popular science helps secure the future, by ensuring that the youth of today develop an interest in science and technology, thus meeting, your company's future employment needs.

Amount of Donation To thank you
500.00$ Free visit and observation with the telescope for a group of 10 people during the low season.


Private Individual donation
Amount of Donation To thank you
150.00$ A family pass for a visit to the museum and observatory during the high season.
 50.00$ An individual pass for a visit to the museum and observatory during the high season.

Income Tax credit TelescopeProvincial (Québec) – the first $200 of the admissible amount of donations gives the right to an income tax credit of 20%, additional amounts a tax credit of 24%.. Federal – The rates of federal income tax relief for charitable gifts are 15% for the first $200 and 29% for further amounts of $200. A donation of $500 gives you income tax relief of $117 for the federal and $112 for the provincial. The real cost to you of your donation is therefore $271. Please note that this example is for illustrative purposes only. Your accountant will be able to inform you in more detail of the applicable credits.





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