Opening hours:For 2020, only the dome is open for observing the sky at night (maximum, 7 persons per group). The observation period is about 50 minutes per group. You must reserve in advance at 418-854-2172 or The tarification is $35. per group.

Science workshops for the primary and secondary school and a museum about astronomy with a telescope for celestial observations.
You're passionate about the stars and the Universe. You would like to discover its secrets and have fun doing it. This is what ASTER offers you! Scientific workshops at your school or a visit at our observatory where you can observe the starry sky with a big telescope.
ASTER is an organism that interprets science which offers scientific workshops at the schools all over Quebec, from pre-school to high school level. It is also a museum about astronomical discoveries through time here in the Lower St-Lawrence region. With our 16 inches telescope and solar scope, observes celestial objects like the planets, moon, stars and more.
Come and visit our new exhibit Head for the stars! All that is missing is you!