planetarium-primA planetarium at your school

In an inflatable planetarium, discover, in real time and motion, the movements of the sun, moon and planets, the changing of the seasons, constellations and galaxies. This workshop is also available for preschools.

This ready to go astronomy workshop, given in an inflatable planetarium and led by a qualified teacher, takes you on a journey through the universe.
This workshop is for all levels and is consistent with the objectives of the school curriculum.
After ASTER's visit, you will have ideas for activities, a bibliography and internet links to help further exploration of the concepts in class. Discover galaxies, the solar system, constellations, extrasolar planets and much more! Who has never been intrigued by what is happening in our night sky? This is an exciting way to develop not only students' interest but also their skills in science and technology.

Capacity: 30 students per period (5 periods a day)
Duration of workshop: 30 – 75 minutes (depending on your school schedule and the level of the students)
Area: 8m X 7m (diameter 24 feet), height 3.2m (12 feet)

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The Earth and Space

  Secondary level
 Learning goals  1  2  3  4  5 6
EARTH AND SPACE            
 Sun-Earth-Moon System  vide  vide  vide  vide  vide vide
Associates the sun with the idea of a star, the Earth with the idea of a planet and the moon with the idea of a natural satellite    star-16      vide  
Describes the rotational and revolutionary motion of the Earth and the moon       star-16    
Illustrates the phases of the lunar cycle (full moon, new moon, first and last quarters)       star-16    
Illustrates the formation of eclipses       star-16    
 Solar system  vide  vide  vide  vide  vide  
Recognizes the main components of the solar system (sun, planets, natural satellites)         star-16  
Describes the characteristics of the main components of the solar system
(e.g. composition, size, orbit, temperature)
 Seasons   vide         
Associates the changing of the seasons with the revolution and the tilt of the earth.         star-16  
 Stars and Galaxies  vide  vide  vide  vide  vide  
Recognizes the stars and the constellations on a star map.      star-16      
Distinguishes between stars, constellations and galaxies          star-16  



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