Phillipe Labelle-20The sky show - The Sun

Discover our star: The Sun. Observation of sunspots and solar eruptions with a solar telescope and electronic tablets. This workshop is also supported by a multimedia presentation.

To observe the sun safely, is it possible? With the help of our unique approach and a solar telescope, the students discover and observe the sun safely with a science instrument especially developed for observing the sun’s features This workshop comes right to your school and present a science instrument dedicated to the observation of the sun. Students learn about the evolution of optical instruments through the ages and how they transformed our knowledge of the Universe. The workshop is also supported by a multimedia presentation. Discover our star, the Sun. What is it made of, why does it shine? How does it compare to other stars of our galaxy. What are the different features that we can observe at the solar surface? These are some of the questions answered with the presentation. To facilitate the use of ITC, ASTER proposes to teachers, various pre and post-visit activities. Explore science and technology in a concrete and fun way with ASTER.

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The skyshow - The sun

  Secondary level
 Knowledge  1  2  3  4  5
Astronomical phenomena  vide  vide  vide  vide  vide
Defines light as a form of radiant energy. star-16 star-16  vide    vide
Describes properties of light. star-16 star-16      
Explains different phenomena using the properties of light (cycles of day and night, seasons, phases of the Moon, eclipses). star-16 star-16      
Solar system  vide  vide  vide  vide  vide
Characteristics of the solar system. star-16 star-16      
Compares some of the characteristics of the planets in our solar system (e.g. distances, relative size, composition). star-16 star-16      
Explains the alternation of day and night in terms of the Earth's rotation.       star-16  star-16
Explains a lunar or solar eclipse. star-16 star-16      
Explains the phenomenon of seasons in terms of the position of the Earth with respect to the Sun (tilt, revolution). star-16 star-16      
 In supplement  vide  vide  vide  vide  vide
Appropriately uses simple observational .    vide     star-16
Learn how mankind’s understanding of the Universe evolved with time and how he developed his knowledge and comprehension of various phenomena.         star-16
Introduce the students to the handling and operation of new tools of ICT.         star-16


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